The Native Friends - PRAKASH GK
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The Native Friends

➤ Where did the birds lay their eggs in the story ' The Native Friends' ?
Ans -  Above the cornice
➤How did Keshav manage to reach the cornice?
Ans :- by climbing on stool 
➤  What did Shyama beg of Keshava ?
Ans:- Help her to climb up on stool .
➤  What did the children do to protect the eggs in the story 'The Native Friends ' ?
Ans :- made cushion and roof
➤ What made Keshav and his sister forget about the joys of milk and Jalebi
Ans :- The pleasure of seeing the flying of two birds 
➤  Why did Shyama keep quite in front of mother ?
Ans :- She was partner in the crime 
➤  What made Keshav pale and gloomy ?
Ans :- the sight of the broken eggs   

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